Enerquip Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

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Enerquip’s shell and tube heat exchangers have earned the trust of world class manufacturers in: food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, and heavy industry. They provide expert engineering design and consistently reliable equipment that serves industry professionals for their critical heating and cooling needs.

  • Industrial and Sanitary, Stock and Custom
  • Single and double tube sheet design
  • 2” to 48” shell diameter
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Enerquip: Off-The-Shelf Sanitary Heat Exchanger

Enerquip’s 40 standard sized heat exchangers are either in stock or available to be shipped in days instead of months

Enerquip: Chemical Industry Shell & Tube

Materials of construction:

  • 304 and 316L Stainless Steel
  • AL6XN
  • Hastelloy C-276, 2000, Alloy 20
  • Monel 400
  • Alloy 600
  • Duplex 2205, 2507, 2101
  • Carbon Steel
  • Enerquip’s carbon and stainless products are manufactured in two different facilities. Stainless equipment is manufactured in Medford, WI, while carbon production takes place in Beggs, OK. This is to eliminate the opportunity for cross contamination and  maintain sanitary and pharma grade quality.



  • Diameters: 2 inch to 48 inch
  • Lengths: Up to 65 feet



  • U-tube
  • Straight tube
  • Multi-pass
  • Floating tubesheet
  • Bayonet heaters


Enerquip: Custom Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

Shell and tube heat exchangers have a broad range of sanitary and industrial applications. Enerquip’s expert engineers have experience designing heat exchangers for difficult applications across a wide variety of industries, working with everything from purified water to highly viscous fluids like asphalt.

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