Pick Constant Flow Heater Direct Steam Injection

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  • Inline direct steam injection heater that requires a constant flow of liquid
  • Available in 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron or special alloys
  • Liquid flowrates up to 5,500 GPM
  • Steam flowrates from 700 to 50,000 lbs/hr.
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Pick Constant Flow Heater Direct Steam Injection (DSI) Systems can be used to heat any water miscible liquid or aqueous slurry instantly on a continuous straight-through basis. The Pick system injects steam into the liquid through hundreds of small orifices in the injection tube. Fine “bubbles” of steam are instantly absorbed by the liquid, resulting in 100% transfer of heat energy. A unique spring-loaded piston rises or falls, as more or less steam is required. This prevents pressure equalization between steam and water pressure, thus eliminating steam hammer. Helical flights in the chamber promote thorough mixing prior to discharge.

The Pick Constant Flow Heater is used wherever a constant flow of heated liquid at precisely controlled temperatures is required. It is ideal when the water flow rate is fixed or varies over a narrow span (3:1), or where variations in flow are gradual, and on/off cycling does not occur. The Pick Constant Flow Heater is delivered as a complete, compact system and can be easily customized to meet your plant specifications.


  • 10 sizes – steam capacity ratings from 700 to 50,000 lbs/hr
  • Available in 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron or special alloys on request
  • Complete instrumentation available


  • No Steam Hammer: Eliminates harmful vibration and steam hammer which can lead to product and equipment damage.
  • Exceptional Temperature Control: Precise, accurate temperature control +/- 1°C
  • Energy Efficient: 100% heat transfer – cuts fuel costs as much as 28% compared with indirect heat exchangers
  • Low Liquid Pressure Drop: Pressure drop does not exceed 2 PSI (0.14 BAR) under design flow rates

Typical Applications

• Reactor Vessels • CIP • Sterilization • Centrifuge or Filter Backflush • Jacketed Kettles • Tempered Water • Retorts • Extruders • Pasteurizers • Tank Filling • Slurries • Green Liquor Heating • Felt Washing • Boiler Feed Water • Condensate Mixing

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