Pick Sanitary Direct Steam Injection Jet Cooker

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  • Inline direct steam injection heater that is in a sanitary design for the food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Available in 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron or special alloys
  • Liquid flowrates up to 1000 GPM
  • Steam flowrates from 150 to 10,000 lbs/hr.
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The Pick Sanitary Direct Steam Injection Jet Cooker heats or cooks any water miscible liquid or slurry instantly on a continuous straight through basis. It can also handle slurries containing bite sized pieces such as salsas or stews…with piece integrity retained! Pick has the only Sanitary Direct Steam Injection system that achieves set point temperature on demand with a non-shearing action. Pick Direct Steam Injection allows you to heat in-line, with precise temperature control and 100% energy efficiency.

Pick Sanitary Heaters/Jet Cookers carry the 3A symbol. The 3A symbol certifies the heater is in regulatory compliance for any food or dairy application. All product surfaces are 316L Stainless Steel with #4 (32 Ra) sanitary polish. Tri-clamp® connections are standard, and other connections are available upon request. The entire unit disassembles in minutes for routine inspection and cleaning.

The Pick Sanitary DSI heater can be piped directly into your CIP loop to instantly bring the process up to the required temperature. 100% heat transfer reduces your energy costs, while its low maintenance design helps keep your CIP system trouble-free.


  • Steam capacity ratings from 700 to 35,000 lbs/hr
  • Available in 316 stainless steel, carbon steel, cast iron or special alloys on request
  • Complete instrumentation available
  • 3A Symbol, certifies the heater is in regulatory compliance for any food or dairy application


  • In-Line Cooking: Pick Sanitary Heaters eliminate slow batch processing. Heat, cook or sterilize on a continuous, straight-through basis. The Pick Direct Steam Injection heater processes higher volumes of quality product in less time than any other heating method.
  • Non-Shearing Action: Helical flights inside the heater body allow a generous, unobstructed flow path for liquids and slurries. Because the Direct Steam Injection process is non-shearing, slurries containing bite-sized pieces can be heated without damage to texture or consistency. Product integrity is maintained, cooking is thorough and fast, and blending is uniform.
  • Precise Temperature Control: Pick’s precise temperature control assures exceptional product quality. With Pick Sanitary Direct Steam Injection, quality control problems common to jacketed kettle cooking or sparging are virtually eliminated. In addition, a separate steam control valve eliminates stem packing leakage (common with close coupled units) and possible product contamination.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: The Pick Sanitary Direct Steam Injection unit can be delivered to you complete and ready to install. Simply connect the system to your steam and product piping and start heating. In comparison to competitive methods, the Pick Heater requires very little effort to clean and maintain. The unit can be easily disassembled in minutes for routine inspection and COP  cleaning. Nothing could be simpler, or faster to maintain.

Typical Applications

Food: ❚Starch Slurries ❚ Fruit Sauces/Purees ❚ Jams & Jellies ❚ Baby Foods ❚ Fruit & Vegetable Juices ❚ Teas, Canned & Bottled ❚ Puddings & Fillings ❚ Sauces, Soups & Dressings ❚ Stews & Gravies ❚ Fats, Oils, Tallow ❚ Eggs ❚ Candy & Confections ❚ Cheeses ❚ Milk, Soy Milk ❚ Grain & Vegetable Slurries ❚ Salsa ❚ Refried Beans ❚ Pet Foods

Pharma: ❚ Biokill ❚ Sterile Water ❚ Gel Cap Coating

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