RW Holland Hairpin Heat Exchanger

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  • Severe service applications
  • Ideal for when a temperature cross exits
  • Takes up less space than shell & tube
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Hairpin heat exchangers operate in true counter current flow permitting extreme temperature crossing. The full log mean temperature difference can be utilized without reducing correction factors generally necessary in shell and tube ex-changers. The larger temperature difference decreases surface requirements and cost.

The hairpin exchanger is ideal for wide temperature ranges and differentials. Because of the U-tube construction, ex-pensive expansion joints are not required. Hairpin heat ex-changers are not susceptible to tube-to-tubesheet weld cracks due to thermal stress. The thermal gradient of a tubesheet on a hairpin heat exchanger is through the thickness of the tubesheet as apposed to across the tubesheet face, as in multi-pass shell & tube exchangers.

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